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Updated February 26th 2015


Any items that you buy from this website is in the best quality I can provide. That means the eggs I sell on here are fertile and have been checked for fertility and is at 95% in my home.


All other Items I sell like the No slip Liner is also new.

I use them my self to keep the new born chicks from having the legs go from spreading.

If for any reason you received eggs that are broken I ask that you message or contact me as soon as possible to see how we can resolve the problem.


 LIVE EMBRYO HATCHING EGGS" Don't X-Ray or Perishable I also use large stickers that say FRAGILE  to make sure the post office can deliver ASAP and safe as possible. We all have different methods of hatching and how we tend to them but you must understand that I SHIPPING EGGS IS A GAMBLE. IF YOU DON'T AGREE DON'T BUY EGGS FROM ME PLEASE :) 

I will not replace the whole amount of eggs sent out!

Your order will be put in the order received and updates on your shipment will be emailed when possible. I also add tracking info for you to see how and where your eggs are traveling to from state to state. Once I do my part and ship you the eggs I have nothing to do with the way the postal worker has handled your package. Please look at you TRACKING info and contact them! not me. I get a lot of hints to replace free eggs and thats now far for me to do if I did my part.

If you would like me to hatch out some chicks for you just tell me the kind you want and I will hatch them out for you to pick up when they are 2 days old. I can hatch ducklings, pheasants, large breed chickens coturnix quails and bobwhite quails. I DON'T HATCH SERAMAS TO SELL EVER :)

Thanks for your Business and support .

So chicks are $3.00 each and will be 2 days old when most people get them.
I am now limited on these as I have rehomed 140 adult buttons so my amounts will need to be small.  
A week later they become $5.00 for each chick but most people get them when they are 2 days old to make sure they did well over night.
I don't ship chicks this size since they need heat 1 minute after they are removed from the heat source and start to peep for warmth and could die if they wait more than 30 minutes.
I can ship live seramas at the age's of 3 months 4 months and 5 months or older to see class on them.
Incubating eggs takes my time about 20 times a day checking for the Temperature to be consistent and humidity too.
This includes incubating button quails for 2 weeks then transferring them into a brooder until they are sold.
Thank you for supporting my hobby and for your interest in my birds and eggs.




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