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Fertile Hatching Eggs .              

 Update August 4th ,2018

 I can discount your next order if your eggs arrived Cracked from the postal workers handling them hard. 


Contact me if you have questions on how long it will take to collect and send out the eggs.  I may have other orders being placed so it's good to ask just in case.

 Join me on my youtube channel... Charliesweb1k click here to view my birds in action. It will open another window.

 I upload when i can and even try for weekly and give great info on "How to incubate button quail eggs" and other eggs I might be hatching at the time.

 I may have info on how to take care of the chicks or other pets so please remember this info is based on my experience.  



 I also sell on Click the link below and another window will open.

 When your order IS ready the shipping cost and eggs will be added together.

I will email you a Paypal Invoice to pay and please read all the info to make sure it's correct.

If you order is not correct or your info is not up to date please message me back before paying as that is my default on the order and I have to follow that transaction.


Please update your address on Paypal and any info since I am not responsible for your order once it leaves my home.

 If you are looking for more than 12 + eggs message me to get you another option to pay if not listed in the Web store.

 I only ship in the UNITED STATES ONLY and shipping will be Priority mail which takes 1-3 days and seems to always be 3 days so far. 

 I can ship next day But I will need you to message me your address to get NEXT DAY SHIPPING FEES  which goes by weight. 

If you live in Washington state it's super cheap or i can meet up with you with in 10 miles from my home.

 Once you have a (Quantity Package Set In Eggs) then i'll send you an invoice to pay with Paypal. You don't need to have Paypal to pay you can still pay with a credit card on Paypal's site or make a transfer as we normally do if you already have an account.


check out my blog here for more info.  I don't hatch serama chicks though. 


 Questions for you?

Are you incubating eggs that you pulled from your hens or did you order eggs online? then this is what you should do!



Set your incubator up first up for 2 days. Then if you don't plan on turning the eggs yourself get an egg turner!


I also think it's a good idea to get a small fan that you can add to your incubator to better circulate the eggs in the incubator. Also add some smooth rocks in your incubator to keep the heat stable from when you add water .The heat takes forever to heat up again so by adding rocks it holds heat.


I have a 1602N Hova-bator but you don't have to have one like mine.  Any incubator will do, even one that you made will work fine. But test it first to make sure it can handle your eggs.

Make sure if you have a forced air incubator that the temperature is kept at  99.5' to 100' degrees with a humidity level of around 45%-50%. This is what I have done and works for me.


Then when the eggs arrive in the mail set your eggs down making sure the pointy end is facing down to allow time for the eggs to settle down This will allow the air sac to re develop into place again.

 You can have the eggs settle for 10 hours or even the next day/24 hours.

 Then place each egg one by one, again pointy end down since this is the butt of the chick and they will hatch from the large round part of the egg where the air pocket is at. 


For button quails after 16-19 days depending on how you get your eggs,16 if your hen laid them and 19 or so if you ordered them online, this is not always the case.

Button quail chicks will hatch into little baby chicks that will have certain colors depending on the types you've received from your hens or ordered. 

Remember that not all button quails breed true.

This means only a few colors will give you mostly the parent's color.

My (Pure white's) will all be pure white chicks.

My  (Silver Red Breasted) will give you almost all Silver Red Breasted but you may get a white chick also.

So You may not get all the colors you wanted so remember that.

I have noticed that my pure white buttons do just give off pure whites and some have a few dark spots on the head and sometimes the rump area.

More than most will be just pure white. 

I find that my Black face Red Breasted have black cheeks and this is easy to spot if you have seen plenty of button quail chicks.


Once the chicks have hatched you will need to set up a brooder the day before for them to grow up in .  I made one from a plastic blue tote with the lid cut out and a screen that I clued to the cut out on the top part of the tote.

I Highly recommend using a (10 gallon Fish Tank) they work the best and the chicks can see you to get use to you as they grow and won't be so jumpy. Button are jumpy anyways and Monogamous. they like being in pairs only but I have some that are in pairs,trios and even 7 living together in a large cage like aviary. I have in that small group 2 males and 5 hens.


 I have all these videos on youtube .......Charliesweb1k...... So check them out!....... click here it will open another window.


Keep your chicks at a temperature of 95' degrees the 1st week. Then 90' degrees the 2nd week than 85' degrees the 3rd week and so on until they have feathers to keep them warm.  Even then you will need to keep them warm depending on the time of year.  Continue until the chicks are about 5 weeks old or so.  This also depends on where you live.

Here in Washington my babies tend to be in the brooder longer since its colder in our state.

 I feed my buttons a game bird food that I buy at a feed store where they sell chicken feed and such. A great Tip would be to buy pellet fish food since it's even higher in protein and grind it up for the chicks.

I use a coffee grinder for 3 seconds to grind the food and feed with grounded up oyster shell for calcium. I also use grit which will help grind the food in the gut. All birds need this since they don't have teeth and in the wild this is what they eat when needed.

 Once these little guys are big enough they will start to lay eggs at around 5 or 6-7 weeks of age. This depends on lighting, cage set up and so on. 

 This will only happen with 12-14 hours of daylight.

 If you don't want them to lay so soon then keep them in less light to keep them from laying daily or even from starting so soon.

 Female button quails need the most attention since they are the ones laying the eggs daily. But males also need the same attention for good health.

Give them the most protein rich foods and calcium If not, she could pass in less than a year and a half.

When I am not hatching eggs i'm boiling

I am feeding them back to all my birds 

I hope this was helpful?


Don't forget to browse through my site for fertile eggs for sale and slip liner for your new born chicks.


I will be updating and changing the site around a little to keep you updated and interested.


Leave a Testimonial if you like. Tell your experience and what you know. Check out my Facebook page CHARLIE'S CHICKS And remember! everyone does it different so it's not always 100% correct info given.


We find out by trial and error.  I wish all of you great luck and happy Hatching.


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This link is mine from my account and they will see it as a referral.

You get paid on the 15th of every month.

 Thanks and good luck