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3+ Fertile Serama Hatching Egg.



I have more photos of all the birds i keep on youtube and ill try to post on here.


Email me for more photos if you like since this site does not allow more than three photos

You will be getting 3+ eggs with extras since the postal workers damage the eggs in handling at times.

My birds eat all kinds of foods and free range for about 5 hours aday under my supervision. I also give Vitamins in the water along with VIONATE in their food.

I deworm 4 times a year with diatomaceous earth which is organic and food human grade.

The eggs im sending you are very fresh and are collect for two days only.

sometimes with the rain we get here in seattle a few eggs will have dirt on them and even a tiny bit of poop if they stepped on it hahahha.

this does not affect incubation.

remember that buying eggs throught the mail can be a gamble.

I can replace broken eggs but not the extras. you pay the shipping and handling. I do have a special fee for broken eggs. I will replace what ever is broken but not all the eggs. I also need proof those are my eggs and from the box i shipped you the eggs in in a photo or video.


I am not a large breeder i only do this for fun as a hobby. I have a small flock of seramas and they all are super happy birds.


please understand all the TERMS before commiting to buy. I ship any way you like in the UNITED STATES ONLY.


I can ship next day which is $35 or Priority mail which is 2-3 days and cost depends on box size for the amount of eggs you buy


I also have a youtube channel for you to see them in action and soon im adding new blood lines.


so in this serama family i have you will get SMOOTH AND POSSIBLY FRIZZLE

Some of my birds are pet quailty and others look show quailty.

I do breed and hatch my own but i do check for fertility to.


I have class A B and a few C's which i have been selling off to keep smaller birds.

I do not at this time have Micros but that im sure will happen soon.


Thank you for supporting me in this time of need due to the lose of my job of 8 years in a clinic. thank you all in advance


If you wish to see more photos take a look at my photo album

Shipping is already included in this price.


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