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12 Silkie Bearded and Crested.


12 Pure Pure breed Silkie hatching eggs. 

I have a Splash Wheaton Rooster over splash hens, black hens , blue hens, white and partridge. 

I also have another rooster that is red and he's over the same hens. 

I some times get eggs from the one hen that is a show girl.

Only one hen now but will add some more later. 

you may get a chick to hatch out show girl is she is laying at the time. 

Eggs will be collected from both groups and add in your order.

my birds are from 4 blood lines and carefully paired as a flock.

I have videos showing the feed i use houseing and care i take with my birds. 

I also am interested in trading my quality for the same but silkie egg for silkie egg. 

This means if you want to ship me 15 eggs then ill do the same. 

Please send your order out and i will do the same. 

I NEVER ship my order out first, I have been robed before.


Shipping is already included in this price. 

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