Serama Breeders Serama Breeders Silkied Serama Cockeral New breeder male ill keep for a while if not ill rehome him as a pet and not breeder, he is way to nice and would make a great pet. 191328446 Katie This pullet is from a facebook friend named katie she is the only one that hatched. she is making you all the eggs you buy so keep her in business hahahha 191328447 Black and white molted serama Pullet Look how small Carol is . she also comes from a a facebook friend named Carol and she is small as you can see. I found the pigeon on the street dieing and now i can't get rid of him hahaahh. naaaa ill keep him until he gets a home with other of his on peeps :) 191328448 Black and white molted hen 191328449 See how small she is ? 191328450 Cuckoo Barred serama OMG this little boy was sent to me from a facebook friend from Montana i belive and he is amazing. he looks pretty in this photo but don't worry! his comb is not funny it's just funny looking int he photo from the angle. later you will see other photos of him with a normal comb. 191328451 Frizzle serama Rooster He also comes from facebook with that cuckoo barred you saw. In fact if you are a subsciber of my youtube channel you would already know this as he was shipped to me and both made it alright. this little boy is jumping on all the serama girls so i need to place some eggs now that i have him. he was a free serama from Kristi on facebook . 191328452 Silkied serama cockeral 4 MO 191328453